We don’t need to tell you that vegetables are good for you. They are delicious vitamin bombs, and a vegetarian diet is great for both the body and the environment. Somehow though, the beauty of carrots or eggplants rarely gets discussed. We’re not sure why, because the colors, textures and shapes of vegetables or fruit can be a true feast for the eyes. Check out for how dazzling an ordinary cauliflower or radish can be. Literally! Let us introduce jewelry with a veggie twist.


We know perfectly well that if your wardrobe gets humdrum, and your favorite looks become more of the same, there is no better rescue than some jewelry applied with imagination and a sense of humor. You don’t have to look far to get inspired. Take a peek into the garden or your fridge! The Russian brand Jewellery Theater excels in serving deliciously prepared designs. Their Caravaggio collection fruit and vegetable pieces appear in many tasteful shapes. Tsavorites, rubellites, colorful sapphires and diamonds make the designs look exceptionally luscious and appetizing. The collection is a genuinely precious salad. Vendura glimmers just as skillfully with their grapelike earrings just waiting for you to nibble on. Then there is Karl Lagerfeld who prefers high-gloss vegetables. Here, the eye is caught not by the intricate cuts of stones, but by the smooth, firm surface of pearl corn or a vegetable brooch.

Jewellery Theatre


Karl Lagerfeld


It’s Luxury Time


Vegetable inspirations in jewelry are not just playful patterns. Some designs are genuine miniature works of art. You need proof? Joel Arthur Rosenthal, known as the contemporary Faberge, used to model adornments as veggies. His leek-shaped brooch with garnets and diamonds sold at Sotheby’s for the dizzying price of over $1.5 million. His technique, reminiscent of embroidery, beautifully highlights the color, generating an almost perfectly homogeneous surface filled with precious stones. That’s why we still find the vegetables created in his atelier so enchanting to this day. They are without doubt the most valuable radishes and eggplants in the world. Vendura, on the other hand, crafted a table décor of garnets with rubies, pink tourmalines and admirable multi-colored enamel. The price tag? Over $220,000.

Joel Arthur Rosenthal, Leek Brooch







If you haven’t had the time to go mushroom picking this fall, you can always display your affection for porcini mushrooms and chanterelles by wearing the appropriate jewelry. Hemmerle has prepared extraordinarily accurate mushroom brooches, refined down to most minute detail. Gills, pores, and specific textures – they all come masterfully recreated! Then there is H. Stern, who has taken as less literal approach, devising an impressive ring inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Would you rather go for a bracelet? Andre Marcha creates multi-colored mushrooms reminiscent of delicious autumn bouquets. If you prefer bolder colors, jewelry toadstools look magnificent; take the ring with rubies by Chopard for example. As much as you can’t count them toward your recommended daily fruit and vegetable servings, you have to admit they do look divine!








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