Blingsis by Agata Jankowiak

Blingsis – the jewelry lover’s go-to site for sparkling inspirations

Together with our wonderful #BlingsisGang community we explore the beauty of jewelry – from luxury collections by the industry’s household names to intriguing designs from independent labels. 

Through our eyes (or, more accurately, lenses ;)) jewelry lovers can get a glimpse of the newest trends and collections presented at the most prestigious industry events in Europe, USA, and Asia. We simply love to share everything from our jewelry knowledge to our wonderous discoveries. Our fashion’n’jewelry editorials are a creative look at jewelry pieces from the most interesting creators and brands. We feature styling tips on how to include dreamy rings, bold necklaces, stunning earrings, or elegant bracelets in your everyday looks. We also create themed jewelry guides and reviews, always going the extra mile for our readers. For example, if we research engagement rings, we make sure to include in our findings something more than excellent variations on classic models. Or if we want to share our thoughts on where to buy the best wedding bands, we of course won’t omit the extravagant and nonobvious choices. 

Part of Blingsis’ mission is also the promotion of the Polish jewelry scene. We prove that our Editor-in-Chief’s, Agata Jankowiak’s, homeland is full of extraordinary goldsmiths and designers. We shine a light on the promising rising stars among both new brands and talented craftsmen. We talk with jewelry creators and peek into their workshops. 

The glittering industry, in turn, values the creativity and quality of our content. In 2019, for instance, Blingsis’ site has been recognized by International Jewellery London (IJL) as the 2nd best jewelry-dedicated blog in the world! 


Agata Jankowiak


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blingsis. Since 2015, she’s been growing the site’s recognition by collaborating with the best Polish and global jewelry brands as a stylist, creative director, and model. 

She’s an artistic soul, with an MA in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (which she graduated with honors), who continues to cultivate her artistic sensibility and skillfully employs it in the jewelry world. She knows her stuff and she’s got the papers to back it up! She is a certified pearl and cut-diamonds expert. With her undeniable charisma and talent, Agata paved her way into this exclusive industry and is regularly invited to its top events worldwide, such as JCK Las Vegas, Vicenzaoro, Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, Oroarezzo, and INHORGENTA MUNICH. In 2023 she joined the prestigious panel of judges of the PREMIERE contest at the Oroarezzo fair. 

Agata often also takes on the role of Art Director and uses her vast creativity as well as aesthetic sensibility to express herself artistically through the photo and video shoots she leads. 

Exuberance, maximalism, and femininity – words that best describe the style and approach of the dynamic and positive Agata Jankowiak, who is often referred to by her peers as a “ray of sunshine.” She firmly believes that you can write about jewelry in a professional yet engaging and exciting way.


The Glittering Beginnings 


The name Blingsis refers to a sisterly cooperation which kicked off the blog and editorial team in the first place. When in 2015 Agata Jankowiak got the idea of making creative photoshoots for jewelry brands, Katarzyna Jankowiak, a talented, professional photographer, immediately grabbed her camera, ready to go. Thus began the story of Poland’s first professional blog dedicated exclusively to jewelry. 

How did these two girls without any prior connections to the jewelry or fashion world managed to make it big? Well, it’s enough to take a look at the first Blingsis posts – from the very beginning this sisterly duo put quality first, preparing visually attractive and professional content which, in turn, convinced many brands to use Blingsis’ creative skills for the promotion of their products.