FASHION WEEKS Under the Magnifying Glass. SS20 Jewelry Trends

For fashionistas, September is a true blend of Christmas, birthday party and Children’s Day. We have just had the four key Fashion Week events, hundreds of looks, loads of inspiration and previews of the hottest trends that will soon take our wardrobes by storm. To keep you in the loop, we have closely examined the trends promoted at shows in London, New York, Milan and Paris and chose a few from among them that caught our eye and stole our hearts.


Over the September Fashion Weeks, accessories often get overlooked; overshadowed by audacious outfits and eccentric scenery. However, to underestimate them is a mistake! It is these very accessories that are the cherry on top, making a particular look the epicenter of everybody’s attention. This year’s shows for the Spring / Summer 2020 season have stated most clearly that jewelry matters, and it is not intended to be just a subtle supplement to the wardrobe. Modesty and minimalism need to step down. Massive structures and the shimmer are smuggled through in some unexpected forms, like shoes and bags!



# 1 Chained

Maximalist jewelry has been gaining many followers for some time now. It doesn’t come to us as a surprise since oversized accessorizing can transform a plain outfit into a gutsy look. Spring and summer will see that trend take on a new form: massive chains will inhabit earrings and necklaces tightly wrapped around the neck. Don’t get too attached to the metallic glimmer, because chains look just as good in their plastic, colored or crystal-plated renditions. Check out how Albert Ferretti, Mulberry or JW Anderson interpret solid chain links. And you might want to take a look around: Gucci sneaks in chains on glasses, Balmain combines them with hair bands, and Louis Vuitton promotes handbags on a thick chain.

1. chain: Ports 1961 | 2. chain: Bottega Veneta

1. chain: Zimmermann | 2. chain: Gucci


# 2 Vive le France!

Pearls in all sorts of variants and stylish cameos that render a retro look are a homage to Parisian chic. Recognized by many, Dior and Celine included. Designers agree on one thing: modest and dainty, layered, or even as a total look, pearls are invariably presentable. Dior adds a little bit of tulle and… environmental consciousness. Assisted by the Coloco workshop, the House adorned the catwalk with various trees from all over the world which were later planted, naturally, in appropriate growing conditions. On the other hand, Anna Sui proves that the best imaginable company for pearls are cameos. The jewelry bas-reliefs are enclosed in ovals and made from of onyx, carnelian, agate or coral. It’s the ideal way to transport yourself into the world of Parisian bohemia.

1. nacklace: Anna Sui | 2. band: Simone Rocha

1. pearls: Khaite | 2. pearls and spikes: Simone Rocha


# 3 Scaling Up the Circle 

Circle earrings are a classic that has been around for years. And it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. But forget about subtleties. Massive, exaggerated forms also took over the catwalks. Giant circle earrings were the show-stoppers for brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger. In their collections it is a mighty accessory that exploits the features of color and material. Remember that the upcoming season offers a perfect opportunity to mix things up, combine contradictions and carry yourself larger than life.

1. Oscar de la renta hoops | 2. earrings: Proenza schouler

2. Versace


# 4 There Can Only Be One Winner

Asymmetry was a strong jewelry trend during the FW, proving that earrings do not necessarily mean duets. A single earring comes about in punk looks by Prabal Gurung or romantic creations by Oscar de la Renta, whereas Marc Jacobs focuses on sculptural constructions. And pay attention! Single earrings are not just an option reserved for rebels. During the FW they also adorned some formal event attires. So if you happen to store any singles in your jewelry box, it’s time to dig them out!

1. Prabal Gurung | 2. Oscar de la Renta

1. Zimmermann | 2. Prabal Gurung


# 5 Time to Shine!

Head to toe glow? Yes, please! Designers love it, and during the September Fashion Weeks crystals glistened from every direction: hair accessories, oversized earrings, multi-layered necklaces, footwear ornaments, as well as details on tops, pants and suits. Jewelry has been redefined. It has crossed the boundaries of a jewelry box and it shines anywhere on clothing. Thanks to crystals, JW Anderson played around with textures, Paco Rabanne and Loewe dazzled with dimensions, and AREA took it to a whole new level by creating fanciful masks. Here, the crystals were no mere background. They were the protagonist. What’s more, if you think that crystals look fantastic only on cocktail heeled sandals, then check out Converse sneakers by Patrick McDowell. It’s a disco ball for the feet!




# 6 Jewelry Micro Bags

While jewelry is decisively oversized, other accessories are shrinking. In the upcoming season handbags will feature micro sizes. But there is no more boredom. Miniature handbags will be just as decorative as jewelry, and if you’re concerned that you might not fit everything you need into a micro bag, simply take two or three! Go nuts with the style and give your arms a rest. You can wear bags on a belt, a wrist or as a pendant. Beware! Jaquemus’ gimmicks are an absolute must-have for every it-girl. Fashion giants such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga followed in the footsteps of the rising brand.

fot. GettyImages credits

fot. GettyImages credits


# 7 Jewelry at Your Feet

Next year’s trinkets will also end up much lower than usual, and your shoes will glimmer from all the bling. Shiny chains around the ankle and crystal appliqués will be in. Oscar de la Renta focuses on gold daintiness, Coach 1942 settles with charms, Tibi impresses with a ring with crystals sparkling on the big toe, and Versace tempts with massive bracelets. Doubtlessly, feet should not go underestimated!


1. Peter Pilotto | 2. Versace


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