Where to follow trends? 

VICENZAORO – THE JEWELERY BOUTIQUE SHOW 2018 is not just one of the biggest jewelry fairs in the world. VICENZAORO creates and sets trends – 2 years in advance!

How do I inaugurate fall? By combing trends in jewelry. The most important stop is the September edition of VICENZAORO, and Trendbook 2020+ becomes the road map, which leads industry experts along shopping paths set 18 months ahead of the market. – “TRENDBOOK 2020+ is a MUST HAVE tool for everyone in the jewelry market. Getting up to date with the carefully researched trends for the upcoming seasons helps facilitate brands at developing business strategies and at the same time to stay one step ahead of the competition,” says Paola De Luca, an expert in luxury industry trends forecasts.

Do you too, Magpie, get the feeling that the fashion industry has gotten us used to the fact that most fashionable clothes and accessories disappear with the first snowfall? 54,600 m² is the combined area of ​​the 7 themed VICENZAORO market halls, where – when you don’t know the upcoming trends – it’s easy to get lost as to bling is bound to stay with us longer, and which will no longer be cool in the spring. Clearly, there is no definite fix for every brand to permanently stay on top, but there are factors that make a company stand out. 

My enraptured eye is caught by a huge number of premeditated details (a microscopic cup of coffee, a triangular piece of pizza, elements of Renaissance vaults, or a Venetian mask as the fastening clip – all in just one pair of earrings), gemstones with astonishing inclusions, concealed under a medallion on a chain that you can take out of a unique ring, designed by Alesso Boschi, Italian jewelry designer.

Uniqueness will always be trendy because it enlivens emotions, and you can never get too excited when it comes to jewelry. And so one of the stands carried me away somewhere between the Polish highlands and a freeze frame straight out of High Noon because that is the kind of mood the most recent campaign for the Italian brand Amle evokes. And I confess I went absolutely insane about their large hand-painted necklaces with orange slices covered in chocolate. Are they timeless? Well, all depends on the styling. You don’t need to go for the obliging shepherdess look; I combined Amle jewelry with a neon turtleneck 😉 

And finally, I will share an observation with you, Magpie. This year the organizers, the Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., really focused on the promotion of the show’s host city, Vicenza. Prior to the official opening of the show, we boarded a bus and along with our press friends we spent the entire day visiting. We discovered the amazing Teatro Olimpico, designed by Italian architect Andrea Palladio, which creates an optical illusion of long streets receding into the horizon; or Museo del Gioiello, one of the few museums in the world dedicated exclusively to jewelry (with a great temporary exhibition: Jewelry of Power: Crowns and Tiaras ). 

The trip turned out not to be just a memorable jewelry networking event, but it also reminded me of something very important. The most intense and eternal trend will always be culture and art. That is where you start, if you want to set trends in the future. 

Podoba Ci się? Podziel się!

Magpie-in-chief. Sculptress with the diploma (and with honors for the best degree in Poland!) of University of Fine Arts in Poznań and PR expert after Warsaw School of Economics. A nerd who believes that jewelry and its promotion can be written about more professionally than "pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny.” Her articles were published in Elle, Current Obsession and Baltic Jewellery.