Prima VicenzaOro January. The Gold, the Knowledge and the Renaissance

If you are wondering what trends are going to conquer your heart next year, what will add luster to your bijoux box, or what will offer inspiration to the world of bling, the VicenzaOro Jewelry Fair is the place to be. Every year in January, the entire industry turns its eye toward the gorgeous Renaissance city in northern Italy, hosting one of the most important events in the jewelry business: Prima VicenzaOro.


The peaceful city of Vicenza, with its brilliant architecture, is a perfect example of a Renaissance gem with buildings by Andrea Palladio, who is considered by some to be the most important artist of the late Rinascimento. A stroll around the city’s charming nooks and crannies will substantiate the word delight, yet it is not the beauty of the sights that attracts jewelry enthusiasts, collectors, and designers who visit Vicenza at the end of January. The Prima VicenzaOro Fair will be held there between January, 17th and 22nd showcasing the most innovative technologies and trends that will apply in the coming year. The event will offer visitors the latest collections of Italian and international exhibitors, sneak peeks into the hottest trends, extraordinary pieces and astounding designs. However, VicenzaOro is more than a mere feast for the eyes, and the precious glitz is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it has to offer. 


Beauty and Expertise

You should know that the trade show in Vicenza is a real treat for all players in the industry looking for inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Seminars and discussion panels are an unvarying feature of the fair. This year’s common thread will be Innovation and Creativity. Goldsmiths, bloggers, branding experts and gemmologists will be exploring the most innovative technologies, as well as sustainable development in the realm of jewelry. 

Visitors will be able to attend three topical panels, including the inaugurating Visio.Next: The Future of Jewellery, reflecting on significant areas such as the preservation of artisan heritage in the digital era. In the course of the debate, each and every aspect of production and the distribution dynamic will undergo scrutiny and analysis against the latest global trends, including those outside the industry. There will also be a section dedicated to precious stones which makes our magpie hearts leap with joy.  

During TV TALK VOJ20, the guest speakers will address the issue of the future of diamonds. Among those sharing their expertise will be the founder of Esther Lighthart, designer Tomasz Donocik (read more about him here:, editor and co-founder of Jewellery Outlook David Brough, and CEO of laboratory grown diamonds Madestones® Thierry Silber. 

The third highlight of the program is the CIBJO Seminar: Does Size Matter? The seminar will focus on obtaining luxury in a sustainable fashion. Additional activities enhance the Show, such as Start Ups and Carats. It is a brand-new project at VicenzaOro, honing in on the most unconventional concepts that exploit the cutting edge technologies employed at the design stage, as well as the jewelry distribution phase. This is a platform for young, dynamic companies and brands to showcase themselves and their ideas to the vast public. 

The Proper Setting

ViceznaOro is also a fabulous opportunity to experience the genuine sense of Italy. The city is simply jam-packed with art and history, and thanks to the Fair, with gold as well. The VIOFF festival, organized in conjunction with VicenzaOro, is entirely dedicated to gold. This precious metal festival will flood the entire city with numerous concerts, parades, fashion shows, light shows, performances, and tours of the most mysterious parts of the city. Even local restaurant menus, boasting gold inspirations, will help you truly immerse into Italian elegance, art and style, and the atmosphere of one of the most interesting jewelry events of the year. The exquisite Italian food and wine simply must taste even better under these circumstances! Admittedly, acquiring expertise in Italian style is a completely new way of experiencing beauty. We just can’t wait!




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