As you probably know by now, Blingsis has been recognized as the second best jewelry blog in the world by International Jewellery London 


pinch me 


Two weeks ago, when we found out that we had been nominated by International Jewellery London to compete in the Blogger of the Year Awards for the best jewelry blog IN THE WORLD, we felt utterly honored and thrilled! There was the wonderful Liza Urla of London among the nominees. She has been photographing jewelry twice as long as we have. And then there was Preet Agarwal of India, renowned for her luxurious jewelry designs and journalism. I am not exaggerating. We had already bought our tickets to London for our first visit to International Jewellery London, but we never expected the fabulous news of being shortlisted for the Blogger of the Year 2019 Award.


highly commended 


September 1st, 2019. Olympia London. The IJL 2019 Leading Lights Awards Gala. The speaker reads the names. We are in the last category, so we are hyped up applauding the success of all the category winners before ours.

(ShortlistBest Use of Technology: De Beers Group Industry Services, Fashion Fusion: Kastur Jewels, Course Provider: Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, Jeweller of the Year: Lucy Quartermaine, Best Bright Young Gem: Lingjun Sun, Best Fine Jeweller: Domino Jewellery.


ur heartrate picks up. The final category. The Best Jewelry Web-site. It’s time. From the stage we hear (watch the video, let’s experience this again together, dear Magpie):



But there can only be one winner. Preeta Agarwal takes first prize (Congratulations, Preeta!), while we PLACE SECOND. We feel fulfilled and acknowledged, because we realize that as little as 4 years ago, we would have never dreamt of such recognition. We are all smiles! Thank you, IJL, for having placed us on the middle step of the podium!


The impossible really can happen 😉

Pretta, Liza – We are all the winners!


Podoba Ci się? Podziel się!

An influencer and a jewelry brand strategist, I author BLINGSIS, the first Polish jewelry web portal (formerly Pica Pica). Four years into our online activity, we received the Runner-Up title awarded by International Jewellery London (IJL) for the Best Jewelry Blog in the World.