Jewelry card for Mother’s Day from Lilou

Do you still remember the times when you were a little magpie – the one that fit standing under the wardrobe?  Times, when you made flowers from hand-dyeing crepe or cut out a crooked heart and drawn human-like scrawls for Mother’s Day in kindergarten?

I began to wonder: – How long is such gift able to survive? Well… If your Magpie Mom, like ours, kept your first “daubs” in a box or other special binder, you are able to admire it to this day with a smile. Experience tells me, that at some point, such keepsakes can get lost somewhere…

“You are my sunshine, Mom…”

Luckily, we have a way for the gift not to get lost. What do you say, Magpie, to a jewelry gift that your Mom would never have to part with? You are probably thinking now that I’m not able to surprise you with anything because Lilou is famous for their wonderful charms and personal engravings, but…

Imagine you are ordering a cult Lilou charm for your Magpie Mom and you put on it a handwritten inscription or drawing (even from when you were a child). Yes! Now it is possible! And I’ll tell you in a minute how to order and make such gift.

Lilou special engraving

  1. How does the special engraving differ from the traditional one.

The traditional engraving is done by hand (with engraving machine) by a specialist in the Lilou salon. In contrast, special engraving is done by laser. The process looks like this: Lilou employees first transfer your project to the computer and then it is transferred on the charm with a precise laser cut. This technique allows for even more personal and accurate engraving than ever.

  1. How to order the special engraving?

A charm with special engraving can be ordered both in the salon and online. In the salon you get a special form, where you can put what is to be engraved on the charm. When ordering online you have to attach a photo of the project.

Here you can find detailed instructions<link>

  1. How long does it take?

Delivery time when ordering the trinket online is up to 7 business days. If you order in the salon, you can count on completing the order much faster.

One more gift idea

The perfect gift should be above all well chosen! And you, to make the right decision, need an alternative. Therefore, Sroko, I will not leave you with only one suggestion (although I think it is great!). We have prepared for you other cool trinket ideas. Of course, from the latest Lilou Feathers collection, just to be sure that your Mom doesn’t already have such jewelry in her collection. 

Feathers in bracelet, feather in ring and necklace. In silver and gold-plated version. Remember, feathers are a symbol of freedom. So I’m just making suggestions and inspiring you with beautiful pictures. And the choice of gift I leave to you. Because you know your mom best. 

Mom is… the most unique person in the world. Therefore, as an “adult Magpie” – instead of chocolates or a flower – you can give her a personal gift that glistens on her neck or wrist and reminds her about you every day. However, besides shopping, remember also to talk to each other (Blimey! Not only on May 26th).

Spend this day nicely and hug your Magpie Mom from us, too!


All presented trinkets can be found on the webpage:

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