Fashion Jewellery workshops during the 9th edition of Art&Fashion Forum

We were invited inside. They told us to take off watches and turn off our phones and… to stay silent. The 9th edition of AFF started from a silent breakfast.

Breakfast. Someone munches on a cookie. Every sound that reaches your ears is exaggerated, so… it’s awkward to chew, let alone swallow a bite of a sandwich. 😉 A scrape of a chair, a slurp of coffee. A friend to the right sets up a mini-installation from sugar sachets. Smiles and knowing glances. The mentors are drawing something and exchanging pieces of paper. The theme of the 9th edition of Art & Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk was senses. This short moment of focus allowed for an accumulation of first reflections. It worked. Everyone’s sucked in. 😉


Discussions. An incredible intersection of paths, thoughts and ideas. Two weeks at a large, rectangular table in the middle of the Old Brewery gallery center. The Fashion Jewellery group, a bunch of unique and talented people, i.e. Ela Piętak, Kamila Iżykowicz, Barbara Romanowska, Małgorzata Sekuła, Robert Kowalczyk, Przemek Sygurd Jankowski, Monika and I.

We had the wonderful opportunity to work with the mentor Anna Orska (HIPERŁĄCZE), who balanced between three realities: family, company and us. Nevertheless, she managed to get into each contestant with great involvement. She would even consult the designs with us via text and at night.

Mutual help and cooperation with contestants from other groups built many friendships. It was an unforgettable time. A time of creativity, constant fun, short moments of doubt, or uncontrollable laughter, already forgotten by snapchat. Detached from everyday responsibilities, we sort of felt like on a camp. 😉 Also, the support from the assistant of Emilia Kohut–Jeż and technical-jewelry help from Mr. Marek were both worthy of likes galore. That’s why the final products looked absolutely professional. 🙂

And to think that it all happened while people were passing us by, shopping. 😉 Did it bother us? Not at all, we were so immersed in our work that we quickly forgot our surroundings. AFF is a wonderful time of creation. Consolidated by brilliant workshops with Piotr Bucki (pitching) and Alina Wheeler (branding). We realized that talent is one thing, but the ability to sell it is another. I still hear two important sentences in my head, “Think of yourself as a brand” and “Stand up for your work.” It was really worth it. I truly recommend it. 🙂

Anna Orska and Mr. Marek

Photo from the Senselier workshop with Marta Sambab

hybrid, Fashion PR Girl Fashion PR Talks 😉

Artistic director of AFF, W P Onak with Anna Orska

9th edition of Art & Fashion Forum gala by Grażyna Kulczyk

On the photo: Agata during her 30-second presentation of TAKE ONCE.


Kamila Iżykowicz, the winner of Fashion Jewellery workshop. She was awarded a statute designed by Anna Orska and a summer scholarship at a prestigious Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London.

Małgorzata Sekuła

Barbara Romanowska, won a special award from YES.

Przemek Sygurd Jankowski

Ela Piętak

Robert Kowalczyk


Agata Jankowiak

You can read more about my piece here: Take Once –a pill for a “happy ever after”

Photo report / photos of contestants’ jewelry: Jakub Wittchen


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