How to prepare for a traveling session?

You dream of organizing a photo shoot in a place you’ve always wanted to visit? You love Barcelona, have a “good eye” and good equipment, but don’t know where to start? This guide is perfect for you. Come with me, Magpie, I’ll give you some valuable pieces of advice tested during Magpie travels…

  1. Where are we going, Magpie?

date and weather:

Photo shoot on a rainy day or in full sun at 40 degrees? It’s very tiring, even for the best Victoria’s Secret model. Therefore, check the weather before leaving. This is, in my opinion, more important than getting cheap flights. Imagine that you came to the place and it was raining for 5 days. And believe me. Sitting idle in a hotel room, praying for the sun, can make you really frustrated and will be a complete loss of money. 

Traveling to Barcelona in mid-May is a perfect time. Why? It is not too hot, what’s more… there will certainly be sun!

choosing the places:

You know how important photogenic spots are. Those more familiar and less touristy will spice up your photo shoots. Uncle Google or fashion portals will of course help you to choose sites, because the wise Magpie always knows what the fashion trends are. I know that you can handle it well! 

map of inspirations:

Once you have selected the wonderful spots, then download their photos to make a map of inspirations. This will make it easier for you to create a visually attractive offer that you send to the customer (remember that the customer doesn’t read your mind. Not everyone, when you say enthusiastically: “Barcelona”, will imagine Park Guell, women who dance flamenco in frilled red dresses and a wonderful beach!). But above all, it will help you to manage the consistency and vision of your photo shoot! We focus on naturalness, the documentary nature of the pictures and telling the trinket stories with the image. That is why a good plan is essential to us!

  1. “and I was hand feeding the fjord”...

learn about the place you are going to:

You know what I mean, Magpie, don’t you? And the classic quote is to help me stress the fact that there’s nothing worse than ignorance about the place where you are going. So before you run to buy tickets and fly to Barcelona, not only look for nice places on Instagram, but also learn as much as you can about it.

install a map app:

Also check the location before the departure. You can mark them on the map, for example in app, which is awesome. And I will tell you more about it a bit further. 

buy a guide:

Always before a trip, apart from reading articles from travel ninja bloggers’ and flicking through our favorite National Geographic, we buy a guide in a book store. The one in a handy size with descriptions of places and maps. It is reliable and very useful when, after a day of snapping your irreplaceable iPhone suddenly refuses to obey you, or (of course I do not want to tempt fate!) will fall into water or disappear in the crowded subway.

  1. Master of packing

Prepare outfits:

Stilettos in India and sweater in Morocco? Something’s completely not right here. When choosing outfits, apart from checking how they fit you, think about suiting it to the place you are going to. So if you are going to Paris, run in stilettos and fancy clothes, if you are going to Coachella, pack cowboy boots and boho dresses. 

Another thing is matching the outfit with jewelry. It’s best to do it before you go. I’m sure you’ll thank me for that tip when coming back exhausted after another tiring day of the shoot you’ll take a look at your master plan. Then you’ll pull out the outfits planned for the next day and you’ll be able to fall asleep without stress.

Hand luggage:

Here you must pack valuable equipment (camera, laptop, charger), extra clothes (underwear, t-shirt, trousers), beauty bag and jewelry. Why so? You will learn at the point where I tell the story of lost luggage. 

Large suitcase:

For bigger luggage, pack segregated clothes for each day of the session. Lay them in such a way that they do not get too crumpled. At the bottom, put on shoes and comfortable clothes for sightseeing “like a tourist”. The rest of course on top. 

  1. How to move without fear of roaming?

free app:

Let’s go back to the app I recommended you earlier, that is Maps.Me. This is an application thanks to which you can download free maps from all over the world. The advantage of this app is also offline navigation, that is when you most need a map on the trip, because you do not have access to the Internet! Before leaving, simply download the map of the area and mark the place you want to visit in the tabs – put markers for them on the map. On this basis you will evaluate how to plan your next day of sightseeing, because the map will show you the distance and locate all the places. Maps.Me has never failed us so far. It navigates wonderfully even during hiking tours. Install it without doubts, my Magpie.

screen shots:

You don’t want to strain your roaming? Plan everything at home. Routes, distances, subway stations – you’ll plan that with Google maps. At the end take screen shots and save them in your phone. Such form, for me slightly breakneck, can also come in handy. I personally use it to save bus routes.

count wifi in your budget:

Another way is buying a new sim card with foreign number or additional data packet to your offer. Check how much it costs and if you can afford it –  you have to include it to your budget. 

  1. Prices and booking of tourist attractions.

prices of attractions:

You have to check (way before you prepare the offer or count the allowances) how much are the entrance fees to the tourist places: museum, theater or church. Check all of those you want to see. And one more thing. By the way, catch a glimpse of opening hours. Let me remind you that everything everywhere is opened shorter on the weekends. 

advanced bookings:

It’s worth buying the tickets before you leave. You’ll avoid standing in a long queue and you’ll be sure you do see what you want. If you plan photos on Gaudi’s mosaic benches in Park Guell, I’ll tell you it’s one of those tourist attractions where it’s worth buying tickets two days in advance.

  1. Public transport vs car rental.

public transport:

Check how public transport works – buses, subway, trams –  in the city you are going to. Then locate the nearest stop or metro station to the place (hotel or hostel) you are staying.

If the city has a well functioning subway (and Barcelona has) it’s worth downloading the plan on your phone or take it with you from the information point at the airport. In case of the buses it is handy to use the Internet journey planner and take screen shots of the routes on your phone. In case of lack of the Internet it’ll help you with moving around the city.

ticket prices:

Check out the prices of public transport tickets and choose the most convenient option: 24 hour tickets, 48 hours and 10 rides tickets depending on how you want to move. Tickets for 1 ride are less profitable. Choose the one that suits you the most. 

car rent:

Here you have to judge how you prefer to travel and what is more profitable. We usually move by public transport (metro, tram) or use Uber, because we avoid traffic jams, and we have a chance to see much more when walking on our own feet. 

  1. Bits of improvisation.

local restaurants:

Restaurants on the tourist route have one advantage and two disadvantages. The advantage is their look and disadvantages are prices (you’ll lose tons of money) and taste (unfortunately, it is often disappointing). So if for the photo shoot you need nice, trendy places then good guides will tell you where to find them. Sophisticated places are perfect for photos.

But if on a trip you want to try the local cuisine, you like to feel the taste, culture of the country, ask the local people to recommend their favorite paces outside the city center. Go there after work and without the camera. It’s worth it!

places you won’t find in guides:

Get to know local people! In Barcelona it’s not a problem. People integrate over cava, tapas and carefree fun. Spanish people are very social so use it and ask them about their favorite places. Those without tourists, which (in a similar situation) you would show in your city to a friend from abroad. If you have an additional day or some free time in your agenda run there with the camera. Because maybe there you’ll take the best photos of the whole trip. 

  1. Make up, blende and… weather!

choice of cosmetics:

Remember about good selection of cosmetics for the trip. You have to know that depending on the temperature your make up can wither from sun and sweat or flow from your face with raindrops. It is then worth having a handy make up removing set and beauty bag on the go to redo your make up.

additional outfits:

It’s worth packing additional outfits in your backpack. If you’re in Barcelona for the first time, you don’t know the full potential of this place. It can turn out that when moving to another planned photo shoot spot you’ll find a wonderful place which wasn’t on your map of inspirations. Then you don’t have to go back to the hotel for clothes (I’ll tell you straight – there’s no time for coming back anyway) and you have a comfort of working right away. 


It’s lightweight and very useful. When bright sunlight surprises you, it will reduce shadows on the face and you will have less work in Photoshop.

  1. Aaaah! My suitcase hasn’t arrived.

hand luggage:

Here I’ll dare to say that well thought packing of hand luggage is even more important than throwing everything to the large suitcase. I learned it during a trip to India. We landed at 4 in the morning without a suitcase. In hand luggage we had trinkets and equipment. But due to the lack of cosmetics and clothes, we felt uncomfortable going to the official fair opening without make up and in travel clothes. Then, of course, we took a rickshaw and went shopping and filled our wardrobes with colorful Indian dresses which were a sensation at the banquet. And the suitcase? It arrived after two days. 

But if in your shoot clothes play the main role, it is best to pack the contracted ones in hand luggage and iron them afterwards. It is also worth protecting yourself with a contract. Because a contract is not for the better, but rather those worse moments. 


Remember to insure your luggage. If airlines lose your luggage, you’re entitled to compensation. So if the luggage is not coming back to you for 2 days already, don’t waste your time to cry, buy clothes and go on with your work. You’ll deal with the airlines when you’re back…

And to cheer you up, think that the most valuable items (without which the shoot wouldn’t happen) are with you after all. So don’t let stress get you, Magpie, because only you know you’ve lost your suitcase. 

  1. Better caviar in Poland or baguette in Spain? Photo shoot budget.

Plan your budget:

There is someone way better in blogosphere from who Magpies learn how to do business. If you want to do it efficiently, read Michał Szafrański. His new book “Financial ninja” totally kicks ass.

Personal preferences:

This is something I will not help you with. If you like sleeping in a tent, then stay at a campsite. If you prefer to rent an entire apartment because you are going with a big crew, use Airbnb. On the other hand, if the condition of your trip is a swimming pool and a 4 star hotel – then you have the right to do so. Plan your trip so that when you return you still have salaries for yourself and your employees. 

kolczyki Artelioni / bransloteka Artelioni

bluzka, TOVA
naszyjnik Artelioni

kolorowa bransoletka Artelioni z agatem / barnsoletka Artlioni pozłacana

pierścionek Elixa

szara bransoletka Artelioni z kwarcem
srebrny naszyjnik Artelioni / pozłacany naszyjnik Artelioni

naszyjnik Artelioni z masą perłową
Plecak skórzany, Studio Piel

Plecak skórzany, Studio Pielnaszyjnik Artelioni

Bluzka Molly, ECHO

Sukienka Leonie: ECHOOkulary Miu Miu, dostępne w: CISZAK optyk

                 Czarna sukienka: H&M / naszyjnik Artelioni / kolczyki Artelioni

All the topics that I mentioned here will help you both in preparing your offer and in planning your trip. Planning in fact is not difficult, but it takes time. And time is your work hours spent searching for routes, inspirations, flights. Then on the trip, photo shoot and working on material.

Therefore, I hope that this guide will help you in evaluating pricing work accurately. Not on the basis of emotion and “it will be somehow because it is my passion”, but on conscious calculation and preparation of the trip. If you succeed you have to tell us.

This will mean that the article has come in handy, and most importantly, that you are getting matured in business.

Hugs and have a successful trip, Magpie! We look forward to your pictures.

Article in cooperation with. Artelioni Polska, who we’d like to thank a lot for a trip to sunny Barcelona. And one more thing – all the gorgeous spring trinkets you saw in the photos can be found HERE. Get inspired!

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