QLLOE. Openwork jewelry that catches the wind.

Have I told you that we love traveling? By bus, train, or ride-sharing with BlaBlaCar. The means of transportation is irrelevant, because we love traveling across Poland and meeting jewelry designers. It’s our Magpie addiction, it can’t be tamed. Invite us to your studio. You don’t have any trouble persuading us – I’ll give you a hint that we like coffee with oat milk and we’re a bit of gasbags. 😉

Among the people who found that out are Marta and Tomek, the creators of Qlloe (pronounced similarly to the name Chloe). After the meeting in bro.Kat studio, we went downtown of Katowice to meet them. We were greeted by a little bundle of joy – a French Bulldog named Lou, which ran out to the stair case to lick us with its long tongue. Next, we went into a beautiful salon, where they design. Their apartment is one of the sterile and modern ones. They’re in the middle of furnishing it. There was an\ collection in black and white boxes waiting for us on a big white table. Openwork forms resembling structures of cells, bones or DNA. Modern material, interesting colors, shiny and delicate chains. We were so charmed, we could stop trying them on, looking at them, touch them. If someone thinks that 3D printing jewelry is a piece of cake, they’re barking up the wrong tree. The designers were preparing for two years to introduce the brand to the market. They were learning how to use the programs to design and look for contractors. They were figuring out which business model to adapt and preparing for conscious operating. The idea emerged at the junction point of their interests and passions, in a sense connected to education. “Biotechnology and architecture, micro- and macro-world. The special forms of both have always fascinated us and I think it’s visible in our designs.” They have found the perfect medium to express themselves – with a smile on their faces, they say that it happened to be jewelry and 3D printing. 😉 This summer they plan to look for new inspirations and they found a perfect place for that – they’re planning a trip across Scandinavia.

A short report from the photo shoot. 😉

Today, at 6:30 A.M. we got to the roof of Poznań’s Novotel. Mr. Zbigniew, the hotel’s technician, thoroughly instructed us about the safety rules. He turned out to be very helpful – held a reflector here, secured us while climbing a ladder there. We were amazed by the view: inspiring openwork Quelle collection, the landscape of Poznań and the space. We could have stayed there the entire day. It’s time to see the photos. Let us know what you think.

For the curious:

material: steel, noble metals, nylon, polymer

colors: black, white, gray, silver, fuchsia, cobalt, pink, azure

production: advanced 3D printing, handmade

price range: 12 – 50 €

reaction to water: nothing happens, can be washed

allergy: can be worn by everyone, but people allergic to silver

benefits: unique, modern designs

where to buy: Katowice, Poland (Geszeft), Warsaw, Poland (Pakamera), Antwerp, Belgium (Angel’s Only) and multi-brand online platform or

online: QLLOE / FB

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