Agata Jankowiak – Magpie-in-Chief. The founder and creator of BLINGSIS (formerly Pica Pica launched in 2015). A sculptor with a diploma (and a distinction for the best diploma work in Poland!) from the University of the Arts in Poznań. A public relations expert, a graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, a pearl connoisseur, and a qualified brilliant-cut diamonds advisor certified by the Association of Jewelry Valuers. A geek who believes that jewelry and its promotion can be shared in a way that is more professional than merely ‘shiny glitzy bling-bling’. She has published in Elle, Current Obsession and the Baltic Jewelry News.

kasia_portretKatarzyna Jankowiak – Co-founder of BLINGSIS (formerly Pica Pica launched in 2015). A magpie with a photo camera who knows what she’s doing since she graduated in photography from the University of the Arts in Poznań. Photography is so much more to her than simply, ‘Take your IPhone out and snap a shot!’ She runs jewelry photography workshops and takes care of the visual part of BLINGSIS. Her photos and films have been published by the most influential jewelry brands in Poland (Apart, Yes and Lilou), as well as Tous, Pandora, Alessio Boschi, Buttani, Zorab Creation and Hannah Martin.

Marta Buzalska – A Copywriter and a coffee addict. An anthropologist and a journalist by profession, she dismisses the most obvious answers and associations. She appreciates a tale with more than meets the eye. In her daily work, she is a renaissance woman at a Poznań marketing agency. Whenever not busy typing on her keyboard, she likes to hang out with her Nikon. A caretaker of Tillandsia and an incurable dog-lover.


Jan Suchodolski – His goldsmithing skills are so sublime that his works inhabit museums (The Goldsmith Museum in Kazimierz Dolny, plus museums in Legnica and Gliwice, to name a few). Together with Marcin Gronkowski he runs the famous Wasze Obrączki [Your Wedding Rings] studio. There, he guides young couples through the process of custom making their wedding rings. He is a former member of Goldsmithing Artists’ Association. His works were already gaining him awards (such as the 1995 Ofir Gallery Award) back in the day when most of us magpies were still in the nest. An inexhaustible source of information on gold and goldsmiths.