Created from a life full of storms to find happiness on your wrist.

Have you ever heard of hygge? It a Danish art of well-being, based on finding happiness in the simple things: moments of warmth and closeness, reading books in candlelight, or cuddling in a thick woolen blanked. Sounds trivial? Maybe the fact that the Danish are the happiest nation in the world will convince you?

The sweater weather is here, so it’s the perfect time for a solid fall campaign. This is why the Danish watch brand Lars Larsen invited us to their headquarters in Svendborg with a request for photos more shiny than… golden leaves. 😉

We’re visiting their headquarters, helping out with picking up the pieces that you’ll be able to catch during fall in every Swiss store in Poland, and we’re driving around the unknown to tourist places with the Lars’ staff. We take photos at intimate unguarded beaches – full of stones and shells. We visit small ports full of ships and admire the nature out in the clean Scandinavian air.

We also learned the amazing story of Lars Larsen – about the founder, succession and the sea. I’ll gladly share it with you. Curious? Read on.

He sailed out to the sea, or the story of Lars Larsen.

It was 8th November 1893. Lars Larsen was born.

When he was able to stand on his own, he realized that he preferred water to land. He got totally drawn into the sea. Just like Moana from the Disney animation. If you’ve seen it, you can surely imagine the degree. 😉

As a 14-year old, he sailed out for a voyage on his own. Later, educated in the Royal Danish Maritime Academy, he became the captain of “Carl”, and owner of the ship “Agnes Louise”. But sailing was not enough for him…

When the sun would set and the crew would fall asleep, he would sneak to his cabin and draw. It was just doodling – Lars would design watches

He dreamed about chronometer, one that could withstand the hardships of his work. And he succeeded! He designed and produced – in 1919 – his first watch.

Danish watch legacy

– Would you believe that it survived the sunny days and storms on Lars’ wrist while sailing the freezing waters of the North Atlantic?

But designer talent was not enough. Working at the sea and the tumultuous times (it’s worth mentioning that it took place during the World War II) prevented him from becoming a full-fledged watch designer. But it’s not the end of the story, my dear Magpie.

Is talent hereditary? I’d have to ask that some smart Magpie who knows her genetics. 😉 However, I know an example where it was true. I’m speaking of the great-grandson of our protagonist – also called Lars Larsen, who decided to fulfill the dreams of his great-grandfather.

S for simplicity.

Lars (the great-grandson), stayed away from sea adventures. He found his own path to the happiness. He designed a line of watches, which combines the secret story of his great-grandfather with modern, minimalistic charm.

You should know that Lars Larsen watches are hand-made and created in the headquarters of the brand in Svendborg (city located at the southern coast of Fionia island) and, as befits the Scandinavian quality, all of them are made with sapphire crystal.

It’s not surprise, since, apart form the good looks, our watch cannot stop ticking after a few months. Lars took care of it as well! After all, he had the best master, whose chronometer did not stop ticking even during a storm. 😉

A blue face…

I take a look at my wrist. A large blue face – like a field of knapweeds – a meshy gold bracelet, back cover with a distinctive logo. I also know its sea story… Pretty, pretty, the ticking of my Lars 😉

However, before I show you the latest fall pieces, which you’ll be able to find in every Swiss store in Poland, I would like you to ask yourself:

– What is hygge for me?

OK, I have instilled this idea in your head, so now I’d like to invite you to take a look at the session that we realized in Denmark (let me know in the comment section if you like it – we’d be very happy to hear from you!)

I also hope that you find the perfect watch for yourself, Magpie.

Lars Larsen, kolekcja: LW47

Lars Larsen, kolekcja: LW44

Lars Larsen, kolekcja: LW47

Lars Larsen, kolekcja: LW43 

Lars Larsen, NOWOŚĆ

Lars Larsen, NOWOŚĆ

Lars Larsen, NOWOŚĆ


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