W.KRUK. Every Magpie’s morning rituals.

How does your day start, Magpie? I’ll try to imagine it. You wake up at 7 a.m., or rather you are still stretching in your favorite bedsheets. The nasty alarm clock in your phone is “singing” again and vibrating next to your ear (even though you’ve covered it with a pillow) and the first notifications start popping up at its screen. Aaaaah! We both know well it’s the moment you have to get up…

Let’s start with breakfast.

We are sitting at the kitchen table in our pajamas. Today we’re eating a healthy breakfast. We are starting with warm water with lemon slice. In the menu there are also tapioca, fruit, and so on. And of course we are drinking out favorite coffee it is so hard to give up. All calm – no rush, we still have time. When are bellies are full there comes the time for decision what to wear and accessorize. Blimey! Does your wardrobe suffer from bulimia, too? Well, luckily in my jewelry boxes there is a perfect order.

Business meeting.

Today I am having a business meeting. My outfit is very classic and feminine, so I’m choosing subtle jewelry which will sparkle delicately in the ear or cleavage. I’m trying on ear cuffs, pick a necklace to go with the blouse and put on rings on my fingers. I put on gold and zirconia. Because, you see, Magpie’s collection is not only precious stones you have to get in lifetime debts to buy them. It’s also fashion jewelry to be worn every day, bought, of course, in a tried place. Why so? The answer is simple. It gives me the possibility to enlarge my collection and frequently fulfil my trinket desires. And now come with me. I’ll take you for small shopping.

Where can you buy what Magpie is wearing?

You love gold and white stones, don’t you. That’s why we are going to a W.KRUK jewelry shop, which is the oldest jewelry brand in Poland – it was established in 1840. Do you know that W.KRUK recently launched a collection with another star – Alicja Bachleda-Curuś? The new EOS line (in Greek mythology the goddess associated with the cult of dawn) is inspired mostly with ancient times. It makes sense. Make sure to check it out!

Are you interested, Magpie? You know well that I am a jewelry freak and I’ll always show you what’s best and most beautiful for you. In the photos and the film you’ll see the classic accessories which will make you look like million dollars! I have also added the links – of course so that you can be tempted to shop. All in all, we Magpies have to get by somehow.

And I’ll tell you that I got completely addicted to golden ear cuffs with zirconia… When you go through all the links and see all the photos let me know if you got tempted to get something. I want to get to know you and satisfy your needs. But to do so I need to know your thoughts about jewelry we’ll then find and present to you.

W.KRUK Trends ring  / W.KRUK Trends ring  (double)

W.KRUK pendant

W.KRUK earrings

W.KRUK ring

Bransoleta Trendy W.KRUK

Earcuff W.KRUK

Earcuff W.KRUK


Make up: Paulina Kurowiak 

Interiors: PURO Hotel 

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